cell phone repair charlotte nc

Is Your Smartphone Screen Shattered?

Bring your phone to Elite Wireless for quick and easy repairs in Charlotte, NC

You can bring any type of cell phone to Elite Wireless for repairs. Based in Charlotte, NC, our technicians can replace screens and charging ports on everything from flip phones to the latest iPhone models.

Our technicians have the tools and experience needed to handle all kinds of phone repairs. As long as the motherboard is in working condition, we can find a solution.

Some common issues we can fix include:

  • Broken speakers
  • Light water damage
  • Damaged charging ports
  • Missing or broken buttons
  • Locked phones from transferring carriers

We can also replace phone backings. Plus, we offer a three-month warranty on all repairs. Call 704-941-0983 today to learn more.

What to expect with your cell phone repair

Elite Wireless can often repair your phone in one day. If we need to order parts, we'll complete your repairs in two to three days. To find out how long it will take to fix your phone, call Elite Wireless today at 704-941-0983.